David Cater, King Bambusero pictured in sombrero
at the U.R.G.

Danielle who manages the office and is shown
guarding Hibanobambusa tranquilans 'Shiroshima'
in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco (junkies not


Our stuff is Bamboo, and we grow a lot of it. We have probably a hundred species and varieties, although we usually only have about thirty or forty available at any time.

Bamboo is one of those plants that are simultaneously disliked by many while being highly prized by others. The dislike usually grows out of the way the plant grows. We love the plant for just that same reason.

We feel that in a World completely out of balance with natural cycles or even a vague understanding that a balance exists, well, that is the perfect place for a grass that can grow 75' tall, one to three of those feet in a single day, and can swallow up a suburban lot in as little as a decade. Of course we grow the clumping, non-invasive species as well, and we like those in spite of the fact that they won’t be taking over the World anytime soon.

The Nursery

We grow these plants, or I guess I should say that they grow themselves with the help of the Sun and the Soil at two locations in Texas. One is at our home office and nursery in Austin, the other just South of Houston in Brazoria County. We deliver all over the state and try to make it as easy and as quick as we can for our clients.

Stuff to Know

Terms and Delivery

About Us

Although we call ourselves the Utility Research Garden and we prepare materials to try and make our operation seem more professional than it actually is, we are really just a band of merry pranksters with a love of nature and pessimism about our chances in the future. As individuals, we are a motley crew. David Cater, URG’s fearless leader, owns the joint along with Leann Billups. David has become a leading authority on propagating and growing bamboo, with over 15 years of experience. Together, we have a pretty good thing going. Apart, who knows?

Talk to the Bamboo (or to us)

We can hold the phone next to a nice clump of bamboo, and you can hear the way it sounds in the wind, which in fact, is quite wonderful. You can even talk to it. Or you can talk to us. Our telephone number is 512.524.8050. You can e-mail us at info@utilityresearchgarden.com, but you won't hear the bamboo that way. This is essentially the same as calling a prayer line, and we believe that this works much better. You can visit all of us, bamboo and people, by appointment. Call 512.524.8050 to make arrangements.